Personakt Antavla

Hilda Amalia Strömberg

Blev 53 år.

Far:V:23 Sven Johannes Johansson-Strömberg (1844 - 1921)
Mor:V:24 Anna Maria Karlsdotter (1841 - 1914)

Född:1877-05-31 Femtungens soldattorp, Tun (R)
Död:1931-05-11 Duluth, Minn, U.S.A.

Äktenskap med John Edward Brandine

Vigsel:Duluth, Minn, U.S.A.


Aunt Hilda, emigrated to Duluth with my Father, the came on the same boat
and when the entered New York they found out that the requirement was that
each have 10 dollars and they only had 10 dollars between them. So my father
went thru the gate first, after clearing the requirements went back and
handed the same 10 dollars to his sister Hilda so she could come onto the US.
Hilda settled in Duluth, Married John Brandine. They had 3 boys, Elmer and
Johnny and Clements who died at an early age from TB.. Her husband was a real
drinker and Hilda lived a difficult life, my Father felt sorry for her and
helped her all he could.
(Roger Freeman)

First Name: Hilda
Last Name: Stromberg
Ethnicity: Sweden
Last Place of Residence:
Date of Arrival: November 26, 1895
Age at Arrival: 18y Gender: F Marital Status:
Ship of Travel: Island
Port of Departure: Copenhagen
Manifest Line Number: 0157