Personakt Antavla

Carl Gustaf Strömberg

Blev högst 81 år.

Far:V:23 Sven Johannes Johansson-Strömberg (1844 - 1921)
Mor:V:24 Anna Maria Karlsdotter (1841 - 1914)

Född:1870-03-27 Femtungens soldattorp, Tun (R)
Död:1951 Oslo, Norge?

Äktenskap med Alina Andersson (1869 - 1926)

Vigsel:1902-01-26 Oslo, Norge 1)


Emigrerade till Amerika, där han använde namnet Gustaf. återvände från
Amerika och bosatte sig i Cristiania (Oslo), Norge. Gift och hade
barn i Norge.

Uppgifter från Roger Freeman, Duluth, USA:
The picture you sent was that of my Uncle Gust, my Father's Brother. He went to Norway and settled in Oslo. I'm told by my Father that he got out of Sweden after being involved in a fight with another man who was badly hurt in that fight, so to avoid going to prison (I Suppose) He fled the country to avoid prosecution. He married and had a family there, I have contact with I believe his grand son, or great grandson. here is his address:

Karl-Erik Stromberg
Trollhettavien 6
N-1630 Gamle Fredrikstad


He has been divorced for several years, and living with a girl friend 46 years old named Christina ,but he has children:
Sive, 29 years old, studying social anthropology at Oslo University. She will graduate next year
Stine, 25 years old, works for a Trading Company in Oslo, in Marketing & Sales. She graduated fron the University of Brisbane in Australia.
Ida, 20 years old, it pre qualifying to study Veterinary Medicine at Oslo University.

He has two homes, the one listed above, and a Summer place where he stays part time also. Karl-Erik has had very good management jobs, and has been in the US many times, In fact, he has spent some time in California with our cousin Floyd Freeman on several occasions. One of his jobs was as a manager of a brush company that among other things manufactured tooth brushes which they sold across Europe. I had made arrangements to meet him in Minneapolis, about 150 miles from Duluth, but his US travel plans were shortened.


1)Roger Winton Freeman